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Within health care facilities, universal precaution and infection control are simply a way of life. They have become not just a convenience but also a necessity. The Encompass line of protective apparel provides you the right products to meet this necessary requirement. We offer several different styles of reusable isolation and precaution gowns to meet your exact needs from basic coverage to fluid resistancy

What level of protection do you need?rn

1. Determine the degree of exposure risk for various procedures.
2. Choose the garment with the level of protection you require.

Basic Coverage.
  • Low risk exposure
  • No spraying, splashing or soaking

Fluid Resistant
  • Mid-range exposure
  • Minimal splashing or spraying

Fluid Barrier
  • High risk exposure
  • Probable occurrence of splashing, spraying or soaking

Liquid Barrier
  • Highest risk of exposure
  • Probable occurrence of soaking

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